We are pleased to announce that we have acquired the operations of the former Alonzo Fireworks Display Company. We have retained the infrastructure and technicians to continue to service the longstanding clients of the Alonzo Family.  In addition, we now bring our lifetime of experience in the fireworks industry with a passion, pride and focus to deliver the best displays for our customers. 

About us­

August N. Santore, Jr. and Christopher Santore are 4th Generation Members of the Santore Family.  Our great grandfather, Augustine, started our family tradition in 1890.  The tradition continues 125 years later with an undying passion to create custom and unique fireworks displays that are unrivaled in the industry.  We have been responsible for producing some of the largest displays in the nation.  Our desire to push the boundaries of pyrotechnic design results in thrilling fireworks displays for our clients.

Incomparable Variety

Perfect pairs of sky blue umbrellas

raining down with pulsing red strobe are simultaneously launched with millisecond precision.­



Perfect Palette

The sky is framed with Golden Coconuts accented with a perfect complementary deep color scheme to make a seamless skyscape.

Santore Signature Finale

The strongest grand finale design in the world. Unrivaled. The sky erupts in a furious barrage of noise and color while the audience screams in celebration.


­Painting the Sky

Layer upon layer from top to bottom. Delicate fine gold willows intertwine with dense bright primary colors.  The sky is our canvas.

We are proud to continue the 125 year Santore Family tradition of providing world class fireworks displays.  Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our long and rich history.  Our skills have been honed from the time we were young boys while we grew and apprenticed with our family from the age of 10.  This is not just a business.  It is a way of life in our family.  Our clients are not just clients, they are our family. That is Santore way. That is our tradition. That is our history.  Come and join us.­